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HeiSolar, a technological innovation corporation and of of the industrial leaders in delivering of off-grid intelligent & solar lighting solution. With its headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Heisolar's product has been sold in more than 100 countries and regions.

Ranging from the all in one solar street light to all in two solar street light, solar billboard lighting, solar flood lighting, solar parking lot lighting, Heisolar is continuously striving to create an innovative solar solution to residential as well as the commercial segments.

Heisolar quickly brings these solar lighting products months and sometimes years before larger corporations can adapt. With LEDs rapidly improving in technology, it is to our advantage to be nimble and provide the latest and most innovative products in the market.

At HeiSolar, We are always committed to the customer's requirements, understanding of their needs and continuously improve the product and service, thereby develop cost-effective and intelligent solar power application.



Most innovative, efficient and safe solar luminaires with an integrated all-in-one design or all in two design, the highest quality, and technology.

Solar Lighting Technology

10 Core Technology, leading the intelligent future of solar street light. 

  • Smart integration design 50x50px
    Smart integration design

    All in one design with adjustable solar panel, maximum efficiency of solar energy.

  • MPPT solar controller 50x50px
    MPPT solar controller

    High-efficiency intelligent power regulation & Temperature Control.

  • LiFePO4 battery Management 50x50px
    LiFePO4 battery management

    Charge & Discharge efficiency up to 95-98%, more than 2000times'cycles, 15years lifespan.

  • High-efficiency Solar panels 50x50px
    High-efficiency solar panels

    Use Motech solar cell, more than 19.6% transfer efficiency.

When innovation
comes to solar light

  • High-Luminous Efficiency LED 50x50px
    High-Luminous Efficiency LED

    Use Bridgelux or Cree led chip, single led chip efficiency up to 210lm/w, the whole lamp efficiency up to 180lm/w

  • Light efficiency & Light distribution 50x50px
    Light efficiency & Light distribution

    Multiple led chip with the Patent batwing lens with polarized light.

  • Wireless Control System 50x50px
    Wireless Control System

    Allows all the solar street lights to wirelessly communicate by PC.

  • Multi-control Mode Management 50x50px
    Multi-control Mode Management

    4 working mode for choice, one-touch remote control switches.

Why 300+ customers have chosen Heisolar?

What benefits will you get from us?

Patent design 93x93px
Patent design

A rich & attractive product line meet different request. 

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Offer free Lighting Design Simulation for your project.

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Municipal engineering project

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Knowledgeable people working for you


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What's Our Clients Say

We partner with lighting company, and electrical contractors, Construction Engineering Company, Photovoltaic Company, Government Urban Construction Department, billboard companies, sign shops.

  • 1 Gaston A Diaz


    Purchasing manager

Heisolar helped us win the project! We're very pleased with the outcome of this project and the quality of HeiSolar's product. It's been a pleasure doing business with HeiSolar-the representative has been super accommodating and very patient with us.

  • 2. Juan Heredia


    Project manager

We chose HeiSolar for the first solar-powered street light project in the city of Coneto, Durango. That's quite an accomplishment for a remote city which lack of transmission lines. I really appreciate the help from the company.

  • 3. Tarek Loudojan



We could not have asked for better representatives at Heisolar! They have been extraordinarily helpful and patient through the process. Their knowledge and suggestions have us feeling confident that we are making the correct choices for our upcoming purchase.

  • 4 Daniel


    Sales manager

We have added solar lighting to our existing lighting product line. We don't have much experience in solar lighting, but HeiSolar's products have helped my distribution business in Europe expand 2 times.

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    Solar Street Lighting Solution Provider


    HeiSolar a leading China-based manufacturer of commercial solar-powered LED lighting products. 



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