Angel Eye Series (Swivel Model)
All-in-one Solar Street Lights

Integrated / All-In-One
Solar Street Lamp / Courtyard Light

With its adjustable light head and solar panel, HeiSolar's Angel Eye Series is the innovative model in all in one solar street lamp market..

  • Original Design from HeiSolar. Upgraded for 3 times.
  • Multi-directional lighting on a single pole
  • Low power consumption with high luminance.
  • Light output can be adjusted automatically by a built-in PIR sensor
  • Compact volume and light weight design saves freight cost and installation cost
  • Providing color options such as black, brown, you can have any color as you want

We build these with our end-users in mind –a budget-friendly solar light product that will last provide you lighting.

Innovative all-in-one design

Their integrated PV module, microcontroller, and LiFePO4 lithium battery combine with high output LEDs and a human infrared sensor to achieve multiple features.


Modular seal design

IP65 rated components ensure endurance against harsh weather and keep Angel Eyes solar lights free from corrosion and premature failure.


Swivel type is created for the application that customers need to adjust the angle of the PV module and lamp holder to meet their installation requirement as well as enjoy the benefit of all-in-one design.


External led light with great heat dissipation

Lead head utilises a new CNC production technique and is fabricated from aluminum extrusion which improves LED thermal heat dissipation by up to 115%.

This in turn improves the longevity of the LED’s and protect the battery, ensure the light working temperature willbe not too high, promising more long term system reliability.


MPPT control system

MPPT (maximum power tracking) controller can automatically adjust the output power according to weather changing, charging efficiency is 16% -30% higher than the PWM.

Battery management

Compared to the lead-acid battery, the discharging depth of lithium battery is 4 times higher, the cycling life is 5 times higer. and will not pollute the environment. Lithium battery lifespan over 8-10 years.


Adjustabe solar panel and led light design for AIO solar street light


Light Distriribution

Philips LED

Philips outdoor special LED, lumen value up to 150lm/w


Wide beam angle lens

New design patent light distribution lens, significantly improve light effect.

Compared the previous generation products, lighting area is expanded by 30%, lighting uniformity increased of 180%.


Microwave motion sensor


Working mode

4 working modes can be chosen from:

DEMO: test button for M.

OFF: shut down the state, do not light all the day or all the night.

L : 100%-1hr, 70%-3hrs, 20% till dawn.

T: 100%-3hrs, 50%-3hrs.

M: 100% if people come close, 30% far away.

U: 100%-2hrs, 70%-2hrs, 50%-2hrs, sensor working 50% if people come close, 20% far away.

Remark:Default mode is M, you can choose the best mode according to the light condition in your place.


Technical Resources Download



AE series brochure



AE series datasheet


User Manual

AE series user manual & installation


Model Led light
Lumen Mono
Solar Panel
BS-AE-15 15W 1725 -1875lm 32W/18V 15AH/12.8V 4-5m 10-13m
BS-AE-20 20W 2300-2500lm 40W/18V 18AH/12.8V 5-6m 13-16m
BS-AE-30 30W 3450-3750lm 50W/18V 21AH/12.8V 6-7m 16-19m
BS-AE-40 40W 4800-5200lm 68W/18V 27AH/12.8V 7-8m 19-23m
BS-AE-50 50W 6000-6500lm 80W/18V 33AH/12.8V 8-9m 23-27m
BS-AE-60 60W 7200-7800lm 90W/18V 39AH/12.8V 9-10m 27-31m
BS-AE-80 80W 9200-10000lm 110W/18V 48AH/12.8V 10-11m 30-35m

Packaging Details

Model Packaging Details
G.W. product size Carton Size Container
BS-AE-15 9.6kg/set 780x300x175mm; 830x350x200mm
20GP: 433sets
40GP: 900sets
40HQ: 1133sets
BS-AE-20 12.15kg/set 920x300x140mm 970x350x200mm
20GP: 371sets
40GP: 771sets
40HQ: 971set
BS-AE-30 15.5kg/set  1170x300x140mm 1220x350x200mm
20GP: 305sets
40GP: 635sets
40HQ: 800set
BS-AE-40 18kg/set 1170x360x140mm 1220x410x200mm
20GP: 260sets
40GP: 540sets
40HQ: 680set
BS-AE-50 21.7kg/set 1170x430x140 1220x480x200mm
20GP: 236sets
40GP: 490sets
40HQ: 618set
BS-AE-60 24kg/set 1398x430x140mm 1448x 480x200mm
20GP: 185sets
40GP: 386sets
40HQ: 486set
BS-AE-80 26kg/set 1580x430x140mm 1630x 480x 200mm
20GP: 425sets
40GP: 337sets
40HQ: 425set


Model Description
BS-AE-15 1. Material: High quality Die-cast Aluminum
2. CCT: 5000K (3500-6000K can be customzied)
3. Light Distribution: Type III 150 x 80 view angle
4. Led chip: Phillips 3030 125lm/w for whole system
5. Charging time: 6-8hours
6.Work time:,12 hours per night,,3-5 rainy days
7.Control mode: light/ time/ microwave sensor control /Time + microwave sensor control
8. Motion sensor: microwave Detect distance: 15m-20m
9. Certifications: CE, RoHS, FCC ,IP65, TUV
10. Warranty: 3yrs

Easy to Installation

This design delivers an easy installation within 5 mins without a professional electrician and a long lifespan with minimal maintenance, auto on/ off.

1-Fix the bent pipe to the main body with 2pcs M8x50 screws
Fix the bent pipe to the main body with 2pcs M8x50 screws
2-Fix the anchor ear to the pole by 4pcs M8 x 100 screws
Fix the anchor ear to the pole by 4pcs M8 x 100 screws
3-Adjust the led source to be vertical with pole, set a proper direction of solar panel
Adjust the led source to be vertical with pole, set a proper direction of solar panel
4-Finish the installation, press tthe switch buttion on the microwave sensor
4. Finish the installation, press tthe switch buttion on the microwave sensor, the lamp will light for 1min then turn off automatically.

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