THOR Series (2022 New)
All-in-one Solar Street Lighting System

All In One/Integrated
Modern Solar LED Street Lights

THOR Series is the 2022 latest design Integrated solar street light, die-casting aluminum lamp body with black color with detachable battery box and cob led lights, customized size acceptable for your project.

  • Industrial design appearance attracts more market attention
  • Classic all-in-one design, by using Philips led chip (150lm/w) with LiFePO4 lithium battery, well-favored by the market.
  • High power all in one solar street light, customized specification maximum to 200W
  • By using Philips led chip (150lm/w) with wide beam angle COB lens to improve the use of effective light. The number of lamp bead modules can be added or subtracted at will.
  • IoT solar street light intelligent lighting system is optional.
  • You can expect 7-10 years of quality operation from HeiSolar's all-in-one solar-led street light.

Product structure

Product structure & Back view

THOR product structure
THOR back review

Product view

THOR all range size

Optical rendering


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Specification Sheet

THOR Series series datasheet



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User Manual

THOR series user manual & installation


Model No Led power Lumen output Mono Solar panel Controller &Sensor LiFePO4 battery Mounting height  Mounting Distance
TH-60 60W(Bridgelux 5050) 9600lm-10800lm 90W 18V MPPT & Microwave 36ah 12.8v  6-7m 16-19m
TH-80 80W(Bridgelux 5050) 12800lm-14400lm 110W 18V MPPT & Microwave 48ah 12.8v 7-8m 23-27m
TH-100 100W(Bridgelux 5050) 16000-18000lm 130W 18V MPPT & Microwave 54ah 12.8V 8-9m 27-31m
TH-120 120W(Bridgelux 5050) 19200-21600lm 140W 19.5V MPPT & Microwave 60ah 12.8V  9-10m 30-35m
TH-150 150W(Bridgelux 5050) 24000-27000lm 180W  16.5V  MPPT & Microwave 72ah 12.8V 10-12m 35-40m


Model No Description
TH-60 1. Material: High-quality Aluminum alloy,
2. CCT: 5700K (3500-6000K can be customzied),
3. Light Distribution: Type III 150 x 80 view angle,
4. Led chip: Bridgelux 5050 180lm/w for the whole system,
5. Charging time: 6-8hours under direct sunshine,
6. Work time:12 hours per night,,3-5 rainy days,
7. Control mode: light/ time/ microwave sensor control /Time + microwave sensor control,
8. Motion sensor: microwave Detect distance: 15m
9. Certifications: CE, IP65, TUV,
10. Warranty: 3-5yrs

Package Details

Model No Lamp Size Packing size GW(kg)/set CBM/set 20GP /set 40GP/set 40HQ /set
TH-60 1108*363*60mm 1170x410x200mm 16Kg 0.1 280 560 680
TH-80 1418* 363*60mm 1460x410x200mm 20kg 0.119 235 471 571
TH-100 1578*363*60mm 1620x410x200mm 23kg 0.133 211 421 511
TH-120 1518*533*60mm 1560 x 560x 200mm 25kg 0.174 161 322 391
TH-150 1878*533*60mm 1920 x 560 x 200mm 29kg 0.215 130 260 316

Easy to Installation

installation 1
2 mins to complete Top mounting installation
installation 2
5 mins to complete side entry mounting installation

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Th-100 solar street light installation
Thor solar street light lighting 3
Th-150 solar street light installation

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