All-in Two Solar Street Lights

We offer standard specifications for our all in two solar led lights and provide customized specifications according to your project lighting request.

All In Two Solar LED Street Lights Manufacturer

Every HeiSolar solar-powered street lighting system comes complete with a self-contained solar power assembly sized to run the specified solar light fixture as per the requirements set by the customer.

Our team designs each solar lighting system by the power consumption by the fixture and available sunshine provided by the geographical location of installation. The battery backup provides a 2-5days autonomy for extended battery life and takes into account local weather conditions.

All in two solar street lights are mostly used in commercial solar lighting projects & municipal engineering lighting projects.

HeiSolar offers:

  • GM Series All In Two Solar Street Light 20W-120W (LiFePO4 lithium battery built into lamp body, no sensor) 
  • SW Series All In Two Solar Street Light 120w-200w (LiFePO4 lithium battery built into lamp body, with sensor) 
  • R7 Series Split-type Solar street Light 40w-300w (LIFePO4 battery with aluminum battery box separated, under the solar panel or hang on the pole.

Now We have developed a full range of Split-type and all-in-two solar street light which covers different powers from 20W to 300W. Our latest model is (GM all in two) and (R7 split type), it is especially for the highway lighting, its equipped with a high capacity LiFePO4 battery pack which can allow light to work 12 hours stay at 100% brightness, both are without senor, means without dimming function, it brings you a high brightness and safe lighting all night.

HeiSolar focus on the high-quality commercial solar-led lighting system. We supplied thousands of solar street lighting systems for the UN project in past years. For commercial solar lighting, it must be with a high spec of LiFePO4 battery and a solar panel that can ensure light works at 100% brightness for 12 hours. Only with real high specification, the light can work well even in winter or on cloudy days. There are many low-priced products on the market even some companies declare "high spec" in their datasheet, but sometimes you need to judge is it a fake specification?

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All-in-Two Solar Street Lights

To ensure you’re getting the right amount of energy for your application, install the solar lights that best meet your needs. With a range of wattage, batteries and other additions to choose from, you can be sure we have the ideal solar lighting for every project, every time.

GM solar street light 60W-120W

GM Series

R7 Series

FD Series

Products Overview

Most innovative, efficient and safe solar luminaires with an integrated all-in-one design or all in two design, the highest quality, and technology.

2022 Newest All in Two
Solar Powered Solar Street Lights

Design to replace the traditional separated type solar street light on the market. Easy for installation with good performance.


    Rotatable solar panel, maximize solar energy.

  • lamp-head

    led light, solar charge controller, battery, built-in lamp head

  • Uniform-light-distrbution-50x50px

    Uniform light distribution, overall light efficiency 140l-150m/w, high transmittance lens, large illumination area, uniform illumination.

  • LiFePO4-battery

    Built-in LiFePO4 battery: Lifespan over 8 years.

  • Plug-&-play-lighting,-easy-for-wiring

    Plug & play lighting, easy for wiring.

GM solar street light 60W-120W GM solar street light 60W-120W
GM single arm solar street light GM single arm solar street light
GM double arm solar street light GM double arm solar street light
R7 Public Solar Street Light R7 Public Solar Street Light
R7 200W solar street light R7 200W solar street light
R7 highway street lighting R7 highway street lighting
R7 street light head R7 street light head

High Power Split type
All in Three Solar LED Street Lights

Solar LED street lights are manufactured with a customized spec to meet your project requirement 

  • Solar panel maximum to 500w

    provide high charging efficiency, meet for those places with only 2 hours of effective sunlight per day

  • Unlimited expandable battery capacity

    say goodbye to dimming and sensor functions, giving you high brightness and safe lighting all night long

  • High Efficacy up to 180lm/W of whole system

    by use outdoor Bridgelux 5050 LED Chip. LED light do not work at full load, effectively reducing light decay.

  • LiFePO4 Battery Pack with BMS system

    Over 8 years lifespan, high temperature resistant up to 70°

  • A variety of light distribution options

    Provide Type II, III-IV, V to meet your different lighting application 

High Power All in Two
Solar Led Street Lighting System

  • High specs configuration customized, support government municipal engineering solar street light project

  • Solar panel maximum to 400w, provide high charging efficiency. The lithium battery can be fully charged within 5 hours.

  • Battery capacity can be increased to twice base on the current battery capacity on the market to provide continuous brightness without dimming or sensor function and longer back up rainy days.

  • High Efficacy up to 160lm/W of whole system by use outdoor Bridgelux LED Chip. LED light do not work at full load, effectively reducing light decay.

  • Built-in lithium battery & controller & sensor on lamp body. Easy for installation.

  • All die-casting aluminum light body zinc plated anti-rust corrosion.

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FD All in two solar street light
R7 solar street lights
R7 solar street light

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