Flying Crane Series (All In Two)
Solar Street Light

Flying Crane Series All In Two
Solar Powered Solar Street Lights

Design to replace the traditional separated type solar street light on the market. Design to replace traditional street lights with 2 mounting options.

  • Rotatable-solar-panel,-maximize-solar-energy

    Rotatable solar panel, maximize solar energy.

  • Adjustable-led-fixture-cate-for-flexible-installation-way

    Adjustable led fixture, cate for flexible installation way.

  • Uniform-light-distrbution-50x50px

    Uniform light distribution, overall light efficiency 160lm/w, high transmittance lens, large illumination area, uniform illumination.

  • Builtin-LiFePO4-battery-Lifespan-over-8-years

    Built-in LiFePO4 battery: Lifespan over 8 years.

  • Plug-&-play-lighting,-easy-for-wiring

    Plug & play lighting, easy for wiring.

Flying-Crane-Series-Solar-Street-light-single-arm. Flying-Crane-Series-Solar-Street-light-single-arm.
Flying-Crane-Series-Solar-Street-light-double-arm Flying-Crane-Series-Solar-Street-light-double-arm
Bifacial Monocrystalline Solar Module
Smart Efficient Controller
LiFePO4 Lithium-ion Batteries
Luxeon 5050 LED
Microwave Motion Sensor
IP66 Waterproof

Product Features


360°-180° roratable solar panel


Vertical and horizontal installation


LiFePO4 Lithium battery lifespan over 8 years


Plug & play lighting

Multiple Style Choices

The Flying Crane Series All-in-Two Solar Street Light can be installed in many different styles. The biggest benefit is the built-in lithium battery in the lamp body, it can be equipped with 1pcs or 2pcs 4pcs solar panel in single arm or double arm installation, meeting all kinds of road lighting, and area lighting requirements.

FC-Single arm installation-1

 Single Arm pole Installation

Battery built-in lamp

FC-Single arm installation-2

Single Arm installation with 2pcs solar panel

Battery built-in lamp

FC-double arm installation-3

Double Arm installation with 2pcs solar panel

Battery built -in lamp

FC-double arm installation-4

Double Arm installation with 4pcs solar panel

Battery built -in lamp

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Flying Crane series brochure


Model Lamp Power
Mono Solar
FC-10 2000LM 40W/18V 10AH/12.8V 3-5M 10-13M
FC-20 4000LM 50W/18V 12AH/12.8V 5-6M 16-19M
FC-30 6000LM 65W /18V 18AH/ 12.8V 6-8M 19-23M
FC-40 8000LM 80W /18V 24AH/12.8V 7-9M 20-25M
FC-50 9000LM 105W/18V 30AH/ 12.8V 8-9M 26-30M
FC-60 10800LM 120W/18V 36AH/ 12.8V 9-10M 31-36M

Packaging Details

Packaging Details
GW/set Carton Size(cm) Container
14kg Lamp(1pcs/cnt): 69 x 27 x 23 cm
Panel (2pcs/cnt): 64 x 46 x 10 cm
20GP: 486sets
40GP: 1007sets
40HQ: 1181sets
15kg Lamp(1pcs/cnt) : 69 x 27 x 23cm,
Panel(2pcs/cnt): 64x 57 x 11 cm
20GP: 445sets
40GP: 922 sets
40HQ: 1081sets
16kg Lamp (1pcs/cnt): 69 x 27 x 23 cm
Panel(2pcs/cnt): 66 x 66 x 11 cm
20GP: 419sets
40GP: 868sets
40HQ: 1018sets
17kg Lamp (1pcs/cnt) : 69 x 27 x 23 cm
Panel(2pcs/cnt): 79 x 66 x 11 cm
20GP: 391sets
40GP: 811sets
40HQ: 951sets
18kg Lamp (1pcs/cnt) :69 x 27 x 23 cm
Panel(2pcs/cnt): 66 x 103 x11 cm
20GP: 349sets
40GP: 723sets
40HQ: 847sets
19kg Lamp (1pcs/cnt): 69 x 27 x 23 cm
Panel(2pcs/cnt): 85 x 84 x 11 cm
20GP: 341sets
40GP: 706sets
40HQ: 828sets


1. Material High-quality Die-cast Aluminum
2. CCT 2200K to 6000K (default is 6000K)
3. Charging time 6-8hours under direct sunshine
4. Work time dusk to dawn, 4-5 rainy days based on different working mode
5. Control mode light/ time/ microwave sensor control /Time + microwave sensor control
6 Motion sensor Yes, microwaves Detect distances <15m
7. Remote Yes, with handheld remote
8. Certifications  CE IEC TUV IP66 IK08 LM80

Multiple Installation

2 types of installation methods to meeting different lighting application, flexible installation and high operability.

FC All in two solar street light installation-1
FC All in two solar street light installation-2
FC All in two solar street light installation-3
FC All in two solar street light installation-4

Check out Project Gallery

Parking lot, park, roadway, tourist area, compus, schoolyard


Flying Crane solar street light project-3
Flying Crane solar street light project-1
Flying Crane solar street light project-4
Flying Crane solar street light project-2

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