R7 Series High Power
Solar Street Lighting System

High Power Split type
Solar Led Street Lighting System

  • It is a high power split type solar powered led light solution for big outdoor car parks, industrial parks, shopping plazas, municipalities, highways, roadways, bridges ect lighting projects

  • Support custom made design spec from led watts to solar panel and battery capacity, working profile and back up rainy days, light distribution, meet your high quality special project requirement.

  • Solar panel maximum to 500w, provide high charging efficiency, meet for those places with only 2 hours of effective sunlight per day

  • With unlimited expandable battery capacity, say goodbye to dimming and sensor functions, giving you high brightness and safe lighting all night long

  • High Efficacy up to 180lm/W of whole system by use outdoor Bridgelux 5050 LED Chip. LED light do not work at full load, effectively reducing light decay.

  • International standard of light distribution, provide Type II, III IV, V meet your different lighting application 

R7 Public Solar Street Light R7 Public Solar Street Light
R7 200W solar street light R7 200W solar street light
R7 highway street lighting R7 highway street lighting
R7 street light head R7 street light head

Key Features of Solar Street Lighting system

  • Off-grid, no cabling or grid connection needed

    A quicker installation, no electricity bills and grid independence. Can also be installed as on-grid or as a hybrid light pole.

  • Smart and efficient LED lighting

    HeiSolar solar-powered led streetlights to use Phillips or Bridgelux 5050 LED Chips. These lights are Dark Sky compliant and emit less light pollution than traditional lamps thanks to the directional illumination of LED technology.

    Our solar street lights come in many options: 10800 lumens, 14400 lumens, 18000 lumens, 21600 lumens, and even more high lumen output street light fixtures. HeiSolar can even double the lights on the pole for up to 432000 lumens for environments where super bright and wide coverage is needed.

  • Wireless remote management and control as optional

    The smart solar streetlight control system enables full control and monitoring over your solar light poles, making it a perfect building block for smart-city applications.

    Not only will you be able to have insights in the performance data of your solar light posts, you are also able to access and control the installations through the online platform from anywhere in the world.

    Convenient and efficient, since you waste no time in physically checking if the solar lamp post is working. Streetlight monitoring and building Smart-cities has never been so easy.

  • Lithium battery compatible, with BMS protection

    Depending on your needs and region, HeiSolar has a wide range of battery capacity options. Offer premium powerful LiFePO4 Lithium battery technology instead of the Gel and AGM  for longevity and minimum maintenance.

    Our LiFePO4 battery requires replacement every 10 years. Our standard runtime on battery backup is three days without dimming, for most environments. Some of our competitors use dimming technology to attain a battery life of 5 days. We are delighted to provide 5 days of full-run operation in your configuration, but this is usually never needed and is not worth the additional cost or risk of working in a poorly lit environment.

  • Customzied spec design, meet your project requirement

    HeiSolar knows from experience that each project will have specific needs. R7 Series is available in a range of standard watts 120w to 300w. Its design allows you to adjust the solar panel, and lithium battery capacity according to your specific application.

    We have the ability to collaborate with you to design a system that is tailored to your needs and budget. To satisfy the needs of your project, we sell single street lights as well as larger custom orders. We are frequently asked to design lighting for parking lots, city streets, and corporate parking lots.

    The R7 series solar-powered street light enables high-intensity lighting anywhere you desire. An outstanding choice if you are in need of a high-end reliable solar-powered light that can be installed anywhere you want.

High-tech products that meet a variety of installation methods

R7 solar street light installation

Technical Resources Download



R7 Series Brochure



R7 Series Spec(need customized)


User Manual

R7 Series user manual & installation


Model R7-30 R7-50 R7-60 R7-80 R7-100 R7-120 R7-150 R7-180 R7-200 R7-250 R7-300
Led Power 30W 50W 60W 80W 100W 120W 150W 180W 200W 250W 300W
Lumen output 150lm/w / 160lm/w / 170lm/w / 180lm/w as optional
CCT Warm white 2700-3000K / Nature White 4000-5000K / Cold white 6000-6500K as optional
Light Distribution 60 °/ 90° / 120° / T2M/T3M/T4M/T5M
Led chip brand Philips 3030 / bridgelux 5050 as optional
Mono solar panel  60W to 500W
LiFePO4 lithium battery Max to 100Ah 25.6V /2560WH 
Control Mode Light control +time control, working mode customzied
Sensor  No sensor function
Working temperature  -20 °C -65 °C

Easy to Installation

Aluminum bracket for solar panel installation on the top of the pole( pole height 6m-12m), the R7 led light head needs to be mounted on an arm pole.


R7 Solar Powered Street Lighting Project

Projects Using R7 Series

For municipalities, highways, roadways, parking lots, and big areas where super bright and wide coverage is needed

R7 Solar led street light lighting-4

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