Top 3 Bollard Light Brands In Canada

Reliable and high-quality producing brands are relatively popular. Learn about the bollard lights Canada based brands here.

Solar Light

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Do you think that our planet needs a savior for the future generation, that we need to save various resources for them? Then, you will surely want to replace conventional garden lights with solar bollard lights. Bollard lights are not a luxury but fixtures needed in our present daily life. Photovoltaic technology is replacing and taking over older electrical machines in every significant field like aviation, medical, schools, and many more. 

There are many companies around us who are known as good brands of bollard lights. However, only a handful of them are actually manufacturing and providing the best product available in the market. Here are some of the best brand details, which will help you choose the best product as per your need. For more details about various solar solutions, you can contact us

List of the Top Bollard Light Brands In Canada 

Here is a short view of the best brands that deliver solar bollard lights in Canada: 

  1. Solar Vision Inc
  2. Smart Energy Company™
  3. Microsolar Canada

Top 3 Bollard Light Brands In Canada 

As of now, several Canadian brands that produce bollard lights are increasing. Thus, you may find it difficult to select the best brand, which is why we curated this list of the best Canadian-based brands. 

#1 Solar Vision Inc 

Solar Vision Logo

Source: Solar Vision

Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: 135 Trepanier Street, Shawinigan, Quebec, G0X1L0 Canada.

Main Markets: Canada, Global 

Years of Experience: 10+ years of experience

Certificates: Licenced for Canadian Winters.

Solar Vision is the name of the most reliable and innovative company in Canada. This bollard lighting manufacturer is based in Canada and has a good reputation for its durable and long-lasting solar equipment. Solar Vision has a chain of distributors countrywide to provide services with lighting speed. 

With their eleven years of successful journey, they set their thumb rule to make the cost lower than other marketed products and reduce the size of the unit for better use of it. With their solar products, they get more customers, and the number is increasing every day. The products of this brand can be found everywhere around the country, be it in public parks, parking lots, dog parks, or almost in every public place.

Key Products

  • Bollard Lights 
  • Solar Pathway and Parking Lights
  • Parking Lot Light 
  • Perimeter and Security Lighting Solutions 

#2 Smart Energy Company™

Smart Energy Company™ Logo

Source: Smart Energy Company™

Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: The Smart Energy Company, 28 Pettingill Rd Quispamsis, NB E2E 3R6, Canada

Main Markets: Canada

Years of Experience: 5+ years of experience

Certificates: REC (Renewable Energy Certificate)

The Smart Energy Company is based in New Brunswick and provides its services throughout Atlantic Canada. They are known for their group of energetic and dynamic team members who have a passion for continuous learning and deliver more result-oriented projects. Their products use direct sunlight to illuminate the surroundings. 

Before starting the project, the experts of this wholesale bollard light brand communicate with their clients about their requirements and make a detailed plan for them. Their renowned products like solar panels, bollard lights are already holding a relatively positive reputation in the market. They are planning to launch many more products shortly.

Key Products

  • Bollard Lights 
  • Solar Lighting Solutions
  • Street Lights

#3 Microsolar Canada 

Microsolar Canada Logo

Source: Microsolar Canada

Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: Microsolar Canada, 53, Baby Pointe Trail, Brampton, Ontario, Canada L7A 0W4

Main Markets: Canada

Years of Experience: 5+ years of experience

Certificates: CCC, CE, and RoHS Certification 

If you are looking for patented lighting solutions, then Microsolar Canada is the company that will be your prime choice. The usage of glimmer light charging technology makes their product keep on working in every condition throughout the year. The company is known for its user-friendly products and lightweight manufactured equipment. 

Their lumens lamp is as light as 12 kg and can cover a radius of 30 meters of the area when placed eight-meter high. Their well-equipped and friendly team can install the products with lightning speed.  They hold their leading position in the solar light manufacturing market with their constant effort and developing more quality products every day.

Key Products

  • Bollard Lights 
  • Solar Lighting Solutions 
  • Post Lights 

How To Source Best Quality Bollard Lights From China 

Procuring the highest quality solar lights at an affordable price is possible if you buy the solar lighting solutions from a decent Chinese manufacturer. 


HeiSolar logo

Source: HeiSolar

Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: 6th building, Hengguangyao industrial park, Fuyong, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China 

Main Markets: China, Worldwide

Years of Experience: 10+ years 

Certificates: All EU standard certificates, CE, ROHS, FCC, IP65, TUV, SGS, ISO9001 Wind-force, MDSD 

Heisolar is one of the pioneer company of solar light brands. The company has its base in China and is expanding its business worldwide. Heisolar offers their finished products, which are gone through strict inspection before installation. They have a variety of bollard lights, and every model is designed keeping in mind that it will play a different role.  

As a marketing giant, Heisolar takes the initiative to develop better technologies that work better and can be used dynamically. For example, they introduced a product called solar street light with CCTV. This product is not only working as a streetlight but also helps to enhance the security in its installed area to build a safer society. Self-powered bollard lights are already accepted by all as a future-ready product in modern society.

Heisolar offers a quick installation facility for their customers. This brand gives products that can be adjusted and customized as per the need. If you are looking for bollard lights, they have the perfect models for you.

Key Products

  • Solar Bollard Lights
  • Solar Garden Lights
  • Solar Flood Lights
  • Solar Post Top Lights
  • All in One & All in Two Solar Street Lights


The world is changing faster and moving towards greener solutions with advanced technology. Let’s join them and play our responsible role for it. You can check out various bollard lights in HeiSolar

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