Top 3 Leading Landscape Lighting Brands in Malaysia [2022]

Are you looking for the most credible Leading Landscape Lighting Brands in Malaysia? Find your preferred solar landscape lighting supplier with the help of our list!

Solar Garden Lights

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When it comes to lighting, you and your yard deserve the best. We want you to know what the best is so that you can have a fantastic experience and fall in love with the final look and product. This article will introduce you to three of Malaysia’s best outdoor lighting manufacturers that can lead you to find out which one suits your needs and liking! 

List of the Leading Landscape Lighting Brands in Malaysia 

In a hurry? Here’s the list you’re looking for:

  1. LigLed
  2. ALM
  3. AdvanLED

Leading Landscape Lighting Brands in Malaysia 

Always be updated with the Leading Landscape Lighting Brands in Malaysia. In this way, you get to save a lot of money and make your gardens beautiful at night. You must invest too for solar landscape lights to overcome the energy challenges in the world today. 

#1 LigLEDLigLED Company Logo

Source: LigLED

Business Type: Manufacturer

Headquarters: No 60, 62, Jalan IMJ 2, Taman Industri Malim Jaya, 75250 Melaka, Malaysia

Date of Establishment: 2011


  • Best LED Lighting (2014)
  • Business Excellence Awards – Winner (2017)
  • Business Excellence Awards – Winner (2018)
  • Platinum Awards (2018)

LigLED is a committed and dynamically changing team. Its mission is to put high-quality, safe, and environmentally friendly products in the hands of everyday people. Their focus is on providing world-class lighting solutions that save more than 50% on lighting costs per year. 

LigLED offers uncompromised support for customers from the planning stage all the way through to the after-sales phase. The additional services provided by the company are free Dialux lighting simulations, ROI calculations, and installation. It offers a five-year warranty on all its products. They are prepared to provide maintenance, repair, and frequent one-to-one swaps for all of our luminaires.

Key Products

  • LED Bollard Light
  • LED Spot Light
  • LED Spike Light
  • LED Uplighter
  • LED Underwater Spot Light Surface
  • LED Underwater Light Recess

#2 ALM

ALM Company Logo

Source: ALM

Business Type: Manufacturer

Headquarters: 9, Jalan 8/155, Bukit Jalil Integrated Business Park (Bukit OUG)

Date of Establishment: June 1998

Alliance Lighting Manufacturing was established in June 1998, located in Bukit Jalil Integrated Business Park, Malaysia. They supply a wide range of products within Malaysia under the brand Alliance. They are dedicated to providing quality products, solutions, and technical support to meet clients’ requirements and specialize in custom made products. 

The company is committed to providing their customers, designers, and specifiers with high-quality goods, solutions, and technical assistance in order to meet their needs. It has been predicted by ALM that private and public sector growth will continue to rise steadily. As a well-known wholesale solar landscape lighting supplier, they are also expanding into international markets.

Key Products

  • LED Spot / Spike Light
  • LED Inground / Buried Uplight
  • LED Recessed / Surface Mounted Step Light
  • LED Underwater Light
  • LED Down Light
  • LED High Bay Light
  • LED Track Spot Light
  • LED Bollard Light
  • LED Street Light
  • LED Flood Light

#3 AdvanLED

AdvanLED Company Logo

Source: AdvanLED

Business Type: Manufacturer

Headquarters: 109, Jalan PM 1, Taman Industri Kecil & Sederhana Merdeka, 75350 Melaka

Date of Establishment: 2000

AdvanLED has been steadfast in its commitment to providing high-quality LED products and LED-centered solutions and is certified green and energy-saving. They are focused on catering to the various needs of each client. In keeping with the new exciting trend of innovative LED lighting around the world, AdvanLED goal is to cater to every client’s every lighting need, 

Over the years, they have accumulated a depth of information in the design, supply, installation, service, and maintenance of LED displays in Malaysia. Advertising LED Billboards, LED Scoreboards, Variable Message Signage, LED Video Boards, LED Signage, Digital Billboards, and LED Display Boards are all included in this category.

Key Products

  • LED Lighting
  • LED Display
  • LED Traffic Light
  • LED Street Light

Key Services

  • LED Lighting ( Design, Supply, Install, Energy Monitoring, Certifications, OEM/ODM)
  • LED Display ( Design, Supply  and Install LED display with maintenance services)
  • LED Traffic Light ( Supply, Certification, Maintenance)

The Best Landscape Brand in China

We also have an option for those on the other side of the planet. Heisolar is a leading landscape lighting manufacturer in China that would cater to all your solar landscape lighting needs.


HeiSolar logo

Image Source: HeiSolar

Business Type: Marketing, OEM, ODM, SKD, manufacturing, and distribution

Headquarters: Hengguangyao Industrial Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

Main Markets: China, Global

Years of Experience: 10+ years

Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC, IP65, TUV, SGS, ISO 9001, Wind-force MDSD

HeiSolar is among the top in China when it comes to providing reliable and high-quality solar lighting solutions. With various certifications like ISO 9001, all their products can withstand multiple residential, commercial, or industrial applications. If you’re looking for a supplier from China, contacting HeiSolar is one of the best options to take. 

Key Products

  • All-in-one and all-in-two solar street lights 
  • Adjustable solar street lights
  • Solar garden lights
  • Solar floodlights
  • Solar billboard lights
  • Solar wall lights
  • Solar post-top lights


It is critical to select a reputable manufacturer, especially when it comes to solar landscape lights solutions. It ensures not only your satisfaction but also the success of your project. So, hopefully, you found this list useful.

To give you more hints, the largest exporters of solar LED street lights like All-in-One solar street lights are in China. You can also find some manufacturers in India. 

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