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The Super Bright, Best Solar LED Flood Lights For Outdoor Areas Security Lighting

Outdoor Solar Powered Floodlights with Sensor, Remote Control

Solar flood lights offer a measure of security and outdoor illumination and reduce criminal activity to improve security. Solar-powered and motion-activated, these solar flood lights are perfect for security or when you just need a moment of light.

Solar LED floodlights are an important player in outdoor solar security lighting, while almost 90% of the solar floodlights on the market are made of low-quality materials and come with a low specification which results in the lighting time is not enough, and many customers are tired of these low-quality solar floodlights. Obviously, there is a great demand in the market for a real high-quality solar floodlight that can satisfy customers in all aspects including appearance design, cables, brightness, screws, lighting time, packaging, etc.

HeiSolar developed a variety of premium quality solar flood lights to choose from, no matter for project lighting or commercial lighting, you’re guaranteed to find a solar flood light that fits your lighting needs and looks how you want.

Products Overview

Most innovative, efficient, and safe solar luminaires with an integrated all-in-one design or all in two design, the highest quality solar led flood light.

HeiSolar's FF Series solar flood light

All in two Solar LED Flood Light manufactured to beat the common cob flood lights and traditional led flood lights.

  • Effcacy up to 140lm/W (Bridgelux LED)
  • Luminous flux up to 14000lm (100W)
  • 90°, 60°, 30°, 150x70° Lens can be provided.
  • Solar powered, zero electricity costs, energy saving up to 90%.
  • Bulit-in lithium battery & controller & sensor.
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 70 degree.
  • Cordless to install no need for electrical connection.
  • MC4 male & female plugs connection.

HeiSolar's FF Series solar flood light

FF Solar flood lights are tailor-made for high-end Industrial grade floodlighting, billboard lighting.


HeiSolar's FF Series Solar floodlight can provide 2100-14000 Lumens with 8-12 hours lighting as it equipped wit high power Bridgeluxe Outdoor LED chip, high capacity solar panel 50w to 200w, which makes FF Series solar light much brighter than other household solar lights. This may be the highest power floodlight you can find on the market.


Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Spotlights offer different lens options 30°, 60°, 90°, 150°x70°, to meet your different lighting requirements which guarantee the high uniformity for your lighting projects.


Used newest exclusive self-developed microwave sensing technology of detection reaching 25 meters long-range movement activity, more safety, and energy-saving. Every complete solar flood light comes with a small remote control to switches 4 working mode as customers want, such as without sensor function, power reduction in different time periods. You can change the working mode as your customer want(only for technical person ).


FF Solar floodlight can be set up in 3 ways:
Mounted on the wall as a garage light/ signage light/area light.
Fixed on the billboard as a billboard light.
Mounted on the pole as floodlight/pool light/driveway light.

Solar Eye Wall Bracket Light

The Solar Eye solar light is a compact, award-winning unit that is very versatile in its application. Potential uses include a home courtyard and factory security, advertising billboard, or doorway and pathway lighting.

  • Anti-corrosive design.
  • Panel, lithium-ion batteries and floodlight are all in on unit.
  • Mono-crystalline solar panel.
  • Adjustable panel and light head.
  • Automatic day and night mode controlled by PV cell.
  • Easy installtion with adaptable mounting plate.

Solar-eye-solar-sign-flood-light Solar-eye-solar-sign-flood-light
Solar-eye-front-view Solar-eye-front-view
solar eye back view solar eye back view

HeiSolar's Solar Eye solar floodlight

Solar Eye solar floodlight is a brand new and premium quality solar led flood light developed in 2020, designed with a 270degree adjustable solar panel and a separated 360 degree adjustable led fixture, to meet a variety of lighting applications needed.

We only use a high quantity 12.8V LiFePO4 battery pack and remote to switch 5 different working modes, which ensures long product life and operational ease.

Lighting Application

  • Garage Lighting
  • Road Sign lighting
  • Advertising Billboard
  • Doorway & Pathway
  • Entrance and exit lighting

SK Series Commercial Solar Led Flood Light

SK solar-led flood light is going to provide high luminous output up to 4400lm with 100% power. It adopts a 60W high-efficiency solar panel and brand new LifePO4 battery 3.2V 60AH whose lifespan is more than 2000 cycles.

The power of LED light could be adjusted with 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% power by remote control, Lighting duration could be 3 hours, 5 hours, and 8 hours optional.


HeiSolar's SK solar floodlight

SK solar floodlights are positioned to provide consistent quality for the high-end wholesale market. It is superior to all other models on market, the ideal product for you to expand your solar lighting business in 2021.

SK is equipped with big brand ifePO4 batteries and uses Lumileds LED chips with high brightness and high luminous efficacy, and the lighting power and lighting time can be controllable by remote. What's more, the optional microwave motion sensor function can make the light work in an energy-saving lighting program to meet users' needs. SK is specifically developed for clients who have high demands in all detail like design, finishing, brightness, control options, packing, and after-sale service.

Lighting Application

  • Garage Lighting
  • Caravan Lighting
  • Garden Lighting
  • Warehouse Lighting
  • Refuse Tents Lighting
  • Farm Fence Lighting
  • Camping Tents Lighting

ST Series
Commercial Solar Led Flood Light

2022 New Model! HeiSolar's ST series solar-powered floodlight is the latest innovative solar-led floodlight on the market. RGB musical rhythm version is available now.

  • Industrial style patent design, creating a new visual appearance
  • All die-cast aluminum lamp body, corrosion-resistant
  • M-type structure waterproof rubber strip IP66 waterproof
  • Double-layer reflector design, effectively reduce light loss
  • P-MOS charging, charging efficiency increased by 20%
  • Plus version RGB optional, APP control, compatible with Bluetooth audio
Model ST-60 ST-100 ST-200 ST-300 ST-400 ST-500
Luminous flux (lm) 515lm 772lm 1158lm 1630lm 2060lm 2574lm
Solar panel 12W 5v 15W 5v 25W 5v 35W 5v 40W 5v 50W 5v
LifePO4 battery 6ah 3.2v 12ah 3.2v 18ah 3.2v 24ah 3.2v 30ah 3.2v 48ah 3.2v
Working time 15hrs+ 18hrs+ 18hrs+ 18hrs+ 18hrs+ 18hrs+
RGB color Optional RGB musical rhythm version

Solar Eye Lighting Application

Versatile in residential or commercial spaces, or doorway and pathway lighting


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