Top 4 Solar Lamp Post Brands in NZ [2022]

Brands are known for the quality and durability check of their products. Here you can check out the best solar lamp post nz-based brands.

Solar Post Light

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In today’s world, the need for solar post lights has increased a lot. The usage of solar lamp posts is on the rise because of their less maintenance, affordability, and nature-friendly functions. It is possible to install solar lights almost everywhere, including your home, garage, garden, streets, parks, highways, and many more. 

Due to the vast demand from consumers, a number of solar lamp post corporations are establishing at a fast pace. Here, in this list, you will only find the high-quality, certified, and reliable solar post lighting companies. Feel free to have a chat with our experts to know more about the best solar light post brand. 

List Of The 4 Best Solar Lamp Post Brands in New Zealand  Of 2022  

Check out the brief list of the top four solar post light brands in New Zealand:  

  1. NZ Solar Ltd
  2. Steelgal NZ Limited 
  3. SolarCity Company
  4. LZ New Zealand 

#1 NZ Solar Ltd

NZ Solar Tag

Source: NZ Solar

Business Type: Solar light manufacturing 

Headquarters: Richmond, New Zealand

Main Markets: New Zealand, Australia 

Years of Experience: 17+ years of experience

Certificates: SAENZ Awards

NZ Solar was established in 2004 by Chris Inglis during a comprehensive search worldwide of present solar technology. The NZ Solar company’s primary approach is to produce products using environmentally friendly strategies which can reduce the expenses of electricity.

This firm offers solar solutions for commercial buildings, has rooftop mount solar solutions, solar hot water for the dairy industry, solar hot water heating in winter, and solar roof panels. Their examination includes travel, evaluation as well as relation-building with convincing local and international suppliers. 

Key Products

  • Solar Lightning Posts 
  • On-Grid Photovoltaic Solar Systems
  • Off-Grid Photovoltaic Solar Systems.

#2 Steelgal NZ Limited 

Steelgal NZ Limited Logo

Source: Steelgal NZ Limited

Business Type: Solar light manufacturing 

Headquarters: 8 Trugood Drive, East Tamaki,

Auckland 2013, New Zealand

Main Markets: New Zealand

Years of Experience: 29+ years of experience

Certificates: Energy Awards

Steelgal NZ Limited has been in the solar lighting business world for almost 30 years, and it was established in 1992. The solar post lights wholesale company offers world-class, latest, and end-to-end solar post light solutions. In addition to that, it is also recognized as one of the most progressive, innovative, and capable solar light solution providers in the country.

Steelgal NZ Limited provides unlimited extent with the layout and production of high-end solar lighting and barrier solutions. Their products are innovative, made of high-quality materials, and accessible at a relatively affordable price. 

Key Products

  • Solar Street Lights 
  • Solar Flood Lighting
  • Car Park Barriers
  • Roadside Light Barriers 

#3 SolarCity Company

SolarCity Company Logo

Source: SolarCity Company

Business Type: Solar light manufacturing 

Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand

Main Markets: New Zealand

Years of Experience: 40+ years of experience

Certificates: DOE Awards

Solar City solar post lights supplier is another best solar lighting provider. It is under New Zealand’s leading solar energy company as well as an innovative member of SAENZ. Therefore, it is the only solar energy company in New Zealand with a green credential. The company is also the fastest-growing green company in New Zealand and is also included in the government’s 500 focused companies targeted to contribute to the country’s significant benefits regarding the economy.

Their product SolarZero combines only solar panels and the latest battery technology. In addition, it will give access to 100% renewable, price-protected electricity from the list. Furthermore, the company also guarantees savings in its products. You can also charge your electric vehicle with this. Likewise, the smart battery is custom-made, and the company also provides a web-based monitoring platform that offers you complete control.

Key Products

  • Solar Post Lighting Solutions 
  • Solar Systems 
  • Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Electricity

#4 LZ New Zealand 

LZ New Zealand Logo

Source: LZ New Zealand

Business Type: Solar light manufacturing 

Headquarters: 182 McLeod Rd,

Te Atatu South, Auckland

Main Markets: New Zealand

Years of Experience: 14+ years of experience

Certificates: Deloitte Energy Technology of the Year award in 2017

In 2007, LZ New Zealand was inaugurated in order to fulfill the growing demand for greater energy efficiency in New Zealand. This firm has acquired a dignity for producing high-quality, durable solar lighting for residential homes and commercial purposes. It offers award-winning solar street light products as well. 

Key Products

  • Solar Post Lights 
  • Solar Street Lights
  • Solar Batteries
  • Commercial Solar Solutions 

How To Source Best Quality Lamp Posts From China

HeiSolar logo

Source: HeiSolar

Business Type: Solar light manufacturing 

Headquarters: 6th building, Hengguangyao industrial park, Fuyong, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China 

Main Markets: China, Worldwide

Years of Experience: 10+ years 

Certificates: All EU standard certificates, CE, ROHS, FCC, IP65, TUV, SGS, ISO9001 Wind-force, MDSD 

Currently, HeiSolar is one of the best and leading solar lamp post company. It is located in the Hengguangyao industrial park region of China. The company supplies its products through China and other global countries. This firm is known for producing solar lights in a wide variety of models, which are compatible with residential and commercial purposes.

From solar post lights to bollard lights and street lights to solar flood lights, this brand generates almost all types of solar lighting-related products. In addition to that, they support custom design options, which means that they will produce personalized solar post lights as per the design you have given them. 

Key Products

  • Solar Lamp Post Lights
  • Adjustable Solar Street Lights 
  • Solar Garden Lights 
  • Solar Flood Lights 
  • All-in-Two Solar Street Lights


We feel that it is quite important to understand the huge demand for solar lighting solutions across the world. From now on, you no longer have to waste your money on poor-quality solar post lights as we have shortlisted the best solar light producing companies. Make sure to check out HeiSolar, which makes it possible to acquire better quality products at an affordable price.

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