5 Best Solar Wall Light Brands in United Kingdom

Illuminating the areas around your property with wall lights is necessary for safety and other reasons. We have compiled the five best suppliers of outdoor solar wall lighting in the United Kingdom for you.

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Using wall lights can be for numerous reasons. For instance, you may want to provide adequate illumination for people who are walking beside the walls and ensure their safety. On the other hand, some use wall lights for decorative purposes. Regardless of the intent, the better solution you can choose is solar wall lights.

Are you looking to buy solar wall lights wholesale for your property? Solar wall lighting is best used in large quantities, especially if you are planning to provide lighting to a commercial space. Choosing a trusted and reliable solar wall light manufacturer is necessary to ensure the quality of your illumination products. 

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When choosing a partner or supplier when it comes to your solar wall lights, there must be some criteria in play to ensure that you can get high-quality items. Here are some characteristics you should find in an excellent solar wall light manufacturer.

  • Long years of expertise
  • Products in par with international standards
  • Sufficient production volume
  • Certified with different policies and organizations
  • Provides reasonable offers

An excellent example of a reputable and trusted solar lighting product supplier is HeiSolar, a certified manufacturer from China. With their innovative solar lighting solutions that meet a vast range of applications, this excellent solar lighting manufacturer is undoubtedly worth your time.  

List of the 5 Best Solar Wall Light Suppliers in the United Kingdom

Factoring in all the criteria we have mentioned above, here is the list of the five best solar wall light suppliers in the UK that made the cut.

  1. The Solar Centre
  3. PowerBee Ltd
  4. Lumena

5 Best Solar Wall Light Suppliers in the United Kingdom

We have collated some of the essential information you should know about the five best solar wall light suppliers in the United Kingdom below.

1. The Solar Centre

The Solar Centre logo

Image Source: The Solar Centre

Business Type: Manufacturing, supplying, and online shopping

Headquarters: 44 – 46 Coldharbour Lane, Harpenden, AL5 4UN

Main Markets: United Kingdom, international

Years of Expertise: 16 years

The Solar Centre belongs to the leading eco brands that surfaced recently. They have supplied their products to numerous customers, including the government, schools, commercial enterprises, and more. With their sixteen years of rich experience in producing solar lighting solutions, you can trust that they provide quality products.

Key Products

  • Solar lights for various applications, including wall lights, those for walkways, security and post lights, etc.
  • Others include mood lights, decorative lights, and many more



Image Source: Rodavigo

Business Type: Manufacturing and distribution, OEM

Headquarters: 25 Manasty Road, Axis Park, GB -, Peterborough Cambs PE2 6UP, England

Main Markets: Europe

Years of Expertise: 62 years

Certifications: ISO 9001, TÜV-GS, VDE, ENEC

If you are looking for the latest innovations when it comes to solar wall lights and other applications, you can consider STEINEL. With more than three hundred patents and a vast number of innovative technologies, this company was able to become a market leader in the solar lighting industry.

Key Products

  • Outdoor solar lights include wall lights, lighting for pathways, and other professional-grade LED lights for outdoor purposes
  • Indoor solar lights
  • Floodlights and spotlights
  • Intelligent lighting products

3. PowerBee Ltd

PowerBee Ltd logo

Image Source: Environmental XPRT

Business Type: Manufacturing 

Headquarters: Johns Cross Farm, Mountfield, Robertsbridge, TN325JP

Main Markets: United Kingdom

Years of Expertise: 13 years

PowerBee Ltd made its mark in the solar lighting industry with its rapid growth. Today, they stand as one of the top suppliers of solar lighting products, including wall lights, garden lights, and other kinds. This company is a good choice for relatively less expensive solar lighting solutions.

Key Products

  • Solar lights include wall lights, fairy lights, those for lamp posts and paths, and many more 
  • Outdoor lighting such as shed lights, those equipped with motion sensors, security lights, etc. 
  • Other products include solar pumps and solar water features, as well as festoon lights and pond supplies

4. Lumena

Lumena logo

Image Source: Trustpilot

Business Type: Manufacturing

Headquarters: Centre 33, Long March, Daventry, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, NN11 4NR

Main Markets: United Kingdom, international

Years of Expertise: 11 years

Lumena is one of the solar lighting suppliers in the United Kingdom that tried to overthrow doubts about the success of solar lights under such dull weather in the area. Nevertheless, they have proven to be successful — evident with their eleven long years of expertise in the industry. They provide a vast range of solar lighting products in the UK.  

Key Products

  • Professional solar lights for numerous applications such as illuminating walls, pathways, gardens, signs, motion sensing, etc.
  • Other kinds of lighting products such as bollard lights, underwater lights, plug-and-play lights, and more 



Image Source: Inovacijudirbtuves

Business Type: Manufacturing

Headquarters: UAB “Elektros taupymo sprendimai” , Didlaukio str. 94-22, Vilnius 08332, Lithuania

Main Markets: Great Britain, UAE, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and more countries

Years of Expertise: 10 years

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 50001

Although ECOLIGHT’s main industry is involved in the production of LED lights intended for heavy-duty applications, their technologies and manufacturing of intelligent solar lighting keep up with the times. As a market leader in the lighting industry, you can trust that the products of this manufacturer are top-notch and standard compliant.

Key Products

  • Solar lighting solutions such as street lights and wall lights
  • Office and warehouse lighting, including hanging lights, those for the ceiling, and many more
  • Lighting controls like motion-sensing detectors

Working with a supplier from China that you can trust

Do you want to work with a reliable supplier from China that can provide you with high-quality products and superb customer service? Consider getting in touch with HeiSolar today!


Business Type: Marketing, OEM, ODM, SKD, manufacturing, and distribution

Headquarters: Hengguangyao Industrial Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

Main Markets: China, Global

Years of Experience: 10+ years

Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC, IP65, TUV, SGS, ISO 9001, Wind-force MDSD

HeiSolar logo

Image Source: HeiSolar

HeiSolar is a China-based company certified with ISO 9001 and other international standard certifications. Although this company is a little younger than long-established ones, you would marvel at their rapid rate of development in terms of innovation and market penetration. With more than 400 projects accomplished globally, HeiSolar is indeed one of the best manufacturers in China when it comes to solar lighting products.

Key Products

  • Solar wall lights
  • All-in-one solar street lights
  • All-in-two solar street lights
  • Integrated solar street lights
  • Solar post-top lights
  • Solar billboard lights
  • Solar floodlights
  • Solar garden lights


Finding the most suitable supplier for your solar wall lighting necessities is the best bet you’ve got to get products of satisfactory quality. This article covers the top five manufacturers and suppliers of solar wall lights in the UK. If you plan to acquire your solar wall lights from a supplier in China, HeiSolar is your best option. Contact us and get a free quote today!

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