Solar Street Lighting Solutions

More Customzied solar lighting solutions to meet your project needs


AC Hybrid Solar Street Light Solution

AC & DC working together. It will automatically switch to AC ‘on gird’ input when the battery power is insufficient.

Hybrid solar street lights are the most reliable way to keep whole night lighting ( even at 100% brightness, without dimming) at 365 days, which means it will never turn off at night even at continuous rainy days. Grid-tied solar light systems feed power from the solar panels to the grid during the day, then use the grid power at night.

Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light Solution

Hybrid street light powered by sun & wind and batteries, and provide continuous illumination at night.

The wind turbine vertical mounted on the hybrid lamp to compensate for the lack of photovoltaic power in months with less solar hours or overnight. The mix of renewable sources on a LED lamp combined with battery storage ensures considerable lighting autonomy.


Solar Street Light With CCTV camera Solution

App control All in one solar street light inbuilt CCTV camera (WiFi), you can get security surveillance and smart lighting like never before.

With the duality of Wifi camera and solar power, you can get into inaccessible areas without the hassle of cables or electrical hookups. A CCTV camera device integrated on the lamp unit, meet your dual needs for solar monitoring and lighting.

Wireless Solar Street Light Remote Management & Control System

Control your 2000+ (even more) solar street light online by GPRS.

The smart solar streetlight control system enables full control and monitoring over your solar street lights, making it a perfect building block for smart-city applications. Not only will you be able to have insights into the performance data of your solar street lamps, but also able to access and control the installations through the online platform from anywhere in the world, checking if the Solar lamp post is working. Convenient and efficient, Streetlight monitoring and building Smart-cities has never been so easy.


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