Solar Street Light with CCTV Camera

Simple. Connected. Self-powered.

Solar-powered lighting & security solutions

Lighting and Monitoring, Dual Protection.
  • All in one solar street light plus surveillance system with inbuilt CCTV and LED running on solar and an inbuilt dimmer, LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery, and light sensor.

  • Simple Installation. Compact Connected. Self-powered.

  • HeiSolar's SOLAR CCTV Lighting system is an ideal solution for Parking Lots, Street Lighting, Highway Lighting, Security Perimeter Lighting, Hospital Lighting, Bridge Lighting, Airport Lighting, Industrial Lighting & practically everywhere, provides a wireless surveillance system combined with outdoor lighting alongside security.

Product Benefits

  • 100% powered by solar, without electricity bill

  • Built-in lithium-ion battery storage for both camera and light

  • Remote transmission is possible without wiring, save installation cost

  • With 24-hour surveillance, the crime rate will be decreased significantly.

  • Remote live view (images videos) anytime from Anywhere (Iphone ipad Android PC)

  • Guaranteed for 24/5/365 Operations at your Project Locations

How does solar power camera work?

Operating the solar power WIFI camera is extremely simple.

The solar panel on the solar street light converts the solar energy during the day into electricity which gets stored into the lithium battery of the system. The battery, in turn, provides light at night & powers the camera at the same time.

The functionality of the camera is capturing images & videos & the data collected will be transmitted through the internet. You can watch the live stream video easily on your APP/ PC by no matter where you are. The data collected by the camera also can be stored in the SD card or cloud. Solar-powered street lights with WIFI /4G cameras are the newest development of the solar street light system.


How can we retrieve the pictures and videos remotely through our APP /PC?

1. WI-FI Control (If your installation site have WIFI hotspot, use WiFi camera will be a cost-effective solution for you)


2. Cellular Communication Control (If your installation site without any network, you need to use a 4G camera, insert the cellular SIM card to the camera, secure 3G/4G/LTE Network Connections from anywhere in the world)

Types of Solution Can be Provided

Deliver security lighting & surveillance to any location with the All in one solar street light Solar CCTV Surveillance Systems.
This model features your choice between the 2.0MP WiFi Camera or 360° 4G Camera

All In One Solar Street light with WiFi Camera


Solar Street Light with 360° 4G Camera


WiFi Camera Features

  1. WiFi CCTV Camera, 2 megapixel 1920x 1080 HD Camera
  2. 6mm Lens, See everything with 30m excellent Infrared Night vision
  3. Access through user-friendly APP(Android & IOS) or PC version
  4. Automatic day and night mode controlled
  5. Supports multiple users, remote view from anywhere
  6. Motion detection alarm from your smartphone, be the first to know everything
  7. Supports Surveillance grade microSD card (up to 128GB)

355° 4G PTZ Camera Features

  1. 4G CCTV Camera, 2 megapixels 1920x 1080 HD Camera
  2. H: 355°, V: 90° automatic rotary navigation, 5DB dual antenna, stable signal
  3. 5 x optical zoom ( 2.7-13.5mm optical motorized lens) Infrared Night Vision up to 60 meters
  4. Two-way audio, two-way talk with HiFI Quality
  5. Supports multiple users, remote view from anywhere
  6. Motion detection alarm from your smartphone, be the first to know everything
  7. Supports Surveillance grade microSD card (up to 128GB)
  8. Access through user friendly APP(Android & IOS) or PC version

Switch 5 working mode of Solar street light by remote


    • ON: Instant light ON
    • OFF: Instant light FF
    • (L) Light control: 100% 2hr|70% 2hr|20% till dawn
    • (T) Time control: 50% 1hr|100% 4hr|50% 3hr|25% 4hr
    • (S) Supper brightness : 100% 6hr|50% 6hr
    • (M) Microwave control: 100% Object move closer|30% Object move away:
    • (U) Time+Microwave control: 100% 2hr|70% 2hr|50% 2hr |50% 20%
    • + 20%: Increase 20% brightness base on original working mode;
    • -20%: Decrease 20% brightness base on original working mode

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