Innovate Solar LED Lighting Technology

HeiSolar Solutions - a leading innovator in solar technology. Highly efficient PV solar cells, LiFePO4 Lithium battery with BMS system, dedicated solar electronics and control systems, and Outdoor LED fixture. HeiSolar offers complete and stand-alone solutions, without the need for any supporting products or components.

10 Core Technologies

Wireless Control System 50x50px

Wireless Management Systems

High-Luminous Efficiency LED 50x50px

High Lumious Efficiency LED

Smart integration design 50x50px

Smart Control System


Bat Wing + Spreadlight Lens

LiFePO4 battery Management 50x50px

LiFeP04 Battery Management


360 degress Adjustable

High-efficiency Solar panels 50x50px

High-Efficiency Solar Panels

Light efficiency & Light distribution 50x50px

All-in-One Design

Microwave motion sensor 50x50px

Smart Microwave Motion Sensor

MPPT solar controller 50x50px

5 Working Modes

1. Wireless Solar Street Light Management System

  • ICON

    Remotely Controll the Switch And Lighting Adjustment

  • ICON-1

    Big Data Analysis

  • ICON-2

    Cloud Operation Monitoring

  • ICON-3


  • ICON-4

    Free Switch On Working Mode

  • ICON-5

    Authority Management


2. Smart Control System

MPPT Controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking)

Our solar lights are equipped with high-efficiency intelligent Power Regulation provider by MPPT technology built into the intelligent charge controller.

This advanced technology automatically adjusts the output power to match variable weather and sunlight input conditions encountered by the solar panel. By maximizing peak performance continuously in this way, Heisolar MPPT controllers raise charging efficiency 16~30% higher than previous generation PWM technology.


3. LiFeP04 Battery Management

High-temperature tolerance up to 65 degree
Low-temperature tolerance up to-20 degree
Turnaround cycle efficiency up to 98%
Depth of Discharge and discharge tolerance 95%
Replacement time 8-10 years

All of HeiSolar's solar lighting system products are equipped with a dedicated battery management system that optimizes both charging and discharging to maximize battery life.


4. High-Efficiency Solar Panels


5. High Luminous Efficiency LED


6. Bat Wing + Spreadlight Lens

The brand new light distribution lens design delivers extraordinary lighting effects, illumination and uniformity.

Designed especially to suit various light distribution types.


Type II suits general road lighting requirements. i.e country road, emergency exits, residental ared.


Type III suits wide road lighting requirements. i. e expressway, parking lot, shopping plaza, scenic park.

7. 360 degree Adjustable

360-degree rotating platform includes an adjustabel bracket (5 angle) that can tilt and turn the solar panel so it faces towards the sun.

Solar panel can be adjustable manually in vertical and horizontal direction, ensure the maximum efficiency of solar energy.


8. All-in-One Design

Solar panel, led light, lithium battery, controller all in one unit, each lamp is a complete stand-alone all in one solar lighting system.

No wiring, no digging, no debugging, easy to install with low installation cost and labor fee, also easy to transport and maintain.


9. Smart Microwave Motion Sensor

The fourth generation of microwave detecting technology, intelligently adjust brightness, more energy-saving, more humanize.

When it detects movements, illumination levels will turn to full brightness and back to dim-mode when people go far away.


10. 5 Working Modes by remote

HeiSolar's solar lights offer versatile power management and performance with 5 different lighting modes controlled by a handheld remote. Easily switch between different operating modes.

(L) Light control: 100% 2hr|70% 2hr|20% till dawn
(T) Time control: 50% 1hr|100% 4hr|50% 3hr|25% 4hr
(S) Super brightness : 100% 6hr|50% 6hr
(M) Microwave control: 100% Object move closer |30% Object move away
(U) Time+Microwave control: 100% 2hr|70% 2hr |50% 2hr |50% object move closer, 20% object move away

Customized working mode acceptable. Support removes the sensor function. Bluetooth App control functions as an optional function also.


HeiSolar - a leading innovator in solar lighting technology

Solar Street Lighting Solution Provider


HeiSolar a leading China-based manufacturer of commercial solar-powered LED lighting products. 



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