8 Best All-in-One Solar Street Light Manufacturers in India

Are you looking for a top-notch All-in-One Solar Street manufacturer in India to supply your solar street light project? Then you have definitely landed on the right page.

 All 2022 All in one solar street light

You may have known what a solar street light is. But an All-in-One Solar Street Light has a more salient and compact design and has more intelligent features. This enables it to last longer and consume lower energy than normal solar street lights do.

In the Middle East, Asia and the USA, All-in-one solar street lights are becoming a green alternative trend. This has prompted a lot of solar street light manufacturers to add All-in-One solar street lights in their portfolio. And because you will have tons of options, you won’t fully know who provides the best reliable all-in-one street lights.

In this article, we uncover the top All-in-one solar street light manufacturers in India.

You will find an updated, comprehensive list of manufacturers and suppliers, together with a range of unit cost when you buy from them. We based this list on a number of criteria such as annual revenue, market demand, customer reviews and product quality and performance in the hopes that you may find one that’s best for you.

1. Omega Solar

For the last 12 years, Omega Solar has captivated the solar industry with its wide variety of solar technologies. Omega Solar is the best all-in-one solar street light manufacturer in Coimbatore, India. They are also one of the most trusted brands in India and globally. Aside from integrated solar street lights, Omega Solar also manufactures solar fence, solar water pumps, solar LED blinkers, and solar heaters. They also cater to solar installation services.

Key Features:

  • Simple in design, yet elegant; easy installation and without need for cabling; economic.

2. BM SunPower Technologies

BM SunPower Technologies is an all-in-one solar street light manufacturer in Mumbai. The company has over 8 years of experience as an exporter, manufacturer and supplier of solar street lights. BM SunPower has a modern facility and highly exceptional team of experts which enables them to innovate existing designs to meet customer requirements. The company also has an active R&D and project management maintenance team.

Aside from integrated solar street lights, BM SunPower technologies is also active in the export of solar LED lights, solar water pump, wind solar panels, LED lights and solar power systems.

Their key advantage is that the company has a large production facility to facilitate bulk production, enabling cheaper cost per unit. This permits them to supply nationally and internationally.

3. SolMitra Power

SolMitra Power and Steel PVT. is one of the most prominent All-in-One Solar Street Light manufacturers in Bangalore. Although the company has only 4 years of experience in the solar industry, they have grown in the market at a very fast rate. Recently, SolMitra has received recognition as one of the “25 Best Green Energy Companies in 2018” in a solar energy magazine.

SolMitra has a large facility (45,550 Sq. Ft), enabling them to have a large production capacity catering bulk orders. They have valid certifications such as ETDC and MNRE. The company also follows international standards, enabling them to provide products across different countries across the world.

An advantage of the company is that they also have a steel fabrication facility. This allows SolMitra to supply its own galvanized pole at a lower price per unit. The company can also flexibly adjust their own molds to satisfy customer requests.

Key Highlights:

  • High Efficiency Mono-crystalline Solar Panel, LiFePo4 / Lithium Battery Technology, 5 years Product Warranty, Smart Controller, PIR Motion Detection, No scheduled maintenance for up to five years, 24 hours Monitoring using camera without external power.

4. Lokozo Technologies

Lokozo Technologies Private Limited was formed in 2013, which gives them about 7 years of experience in the solar industry. Lokozo is an all-in-one solar street light manufacturer in Bangalore, India and has been an active supplier in Nigeria and Sri Lanka. This has paved a way for the company to be known worldwide, and today, they have established their brand in solar LED street light systems.

The company also features their popular LED down light, LED batten light, and many other products. Lokozo is popular in the manufacture and provision of bulk orders. The company has an active ISO certification. That’s why if you want to engage in business with them, you are sure to be given an enormous amount of discount when you order bulk all-in-one street lights.

5. Intelizon

Intelizon specializes in the development and production of solar LED lighting systems. The company has been active in exporting solar street lights across developing countries. Their main market is in Africa and India. Intelizon is an all-in-one solar street light manufacturer Hyderabad, India, having 13 years of experience.

One of the key highlights in working with Intelizon is that they are one of the most technologically-innovative companies for street lighting. The company has introduced IOT and machine learning technologies for their wireless outdoor lighting and surveillance systems.

Intelizon has indeed rounded up a lot of experts in the energy management and solar development fields to realize the company’s goal of producing the best on-grid and off-grid solar street lights. Thus, we can expect a lot from this manufacturer in the future.

Key features:

  • They carry Zonstreet++, which is an all-in-one solar street light with CCTV surveillance system and LED. Other features include inbuilt dimmer, Li-ion battery and light sensor.

6. Fevino Industries

Fevino Industries has been in the solar street lighting industry for 4 years, but has established its name for its popularity in Indiamart. It carries a badge as one of the leading manufacturers with a great reputation. Fevino has a wide array of technologically-advanced street lights which include All-in-One Solar Street Lights. Aside from this, they also provide LED tube lights, LED lighting systems and grid-tied inverter.

Fevino is also a prominent solar street light manufacturer in Pune. The company provides a 3-year warranty. Fevino also offers OEM services.

Key Features:

  • Osram/Philips LED; Automatic dusk until dawn operation; PWM solar charge controller; PIR motion sensor; IP67; Lithium battery; Poly/Mono crystalline solar panel

7. Nessa Illumination Technologies

Nessa Illumination Technologies is an all-in-one solar street light manufacturer in Ahmedabad, having 12 years of experience. The company has a broad experience in the solar technology production and fixture packages delivery. Nessa Illumination has a successful reputation when it comes to customer service as told by many clients.

As for product variations, the company has a wide array of semiconductor-based developments for its LED solar lighting systems. They also provide 3-year warranty for their products.

Nessa Illuminations strives to deliver products with full energy optimization. That is why Nessa Illuminations has been able to develop their Thin-Film technology and LED for high-efficiency solar harness and optimization. You can ensure that purchasing from this all-in-one solar street light manufacturer can provide you with the highest advantages when it comes to LED light performance.

8. Entrix Solar

Entrix is a prominent all-in-one solar street light manufacturer in Maharashtra, India, having 5 years of experience. They are quite known for delivering modular and innovative electronic products in the market. The company has quickly risen in the market after its inception for delivering state-of-the-art designs uncommon to most newly-established manufacturers.

Their key advantages over the years are: they have stringent quality assurance tests, high client reviews, prompt delivery and great customer service.

Key features:

  • All-in-one street lights that are remote-operated and can be operated through a smartphone; modular design and built; IP66 rating; LED light, Lithium-ion battery and a PIR motion sensor

All-in-One Solar Street Light Price in India From Each Top Manufacturer with Ranked Customer Ratings


Manufacturer Price Range Per Unit Average Customer Rating
Rs 12,000 – Rs 16,000
Rs 5,000 – Rs 9,000
RS 13,500
Rs 15,000 – Rs 35,000
RS 17,000 – RS 20,000
Rs 5,000 – Rs 10,000
Rs 5,000 – Rs 26,000

Bonus Content: Why All-in-One Solar Street Lights?

All-in-One Solar Street lights are second-generation solar street lights. If you want to invest in an All-in-One Solar street light, it’s also the best time for you. This type of solar street light holds a promising future but is currently not as popular as normal solar street lights.

In fact, it has been untapped for the last 3 years as you can see in the graph extracted in Google Trends below.

So if you buy now, you’ll save yourself millions as this is more technologically-advanced and economic than normal solar street lights.

Want to know more about All-in-One Solar Street Lights? You may want to read our “What is an All-in-One Solar Street Light?

Which is the Best All-in-One Solar Street Light Manufacturer?

What do you have to look for when choosing the best manufacturer? First is to check its product features. An All-in-One solar street light must have the following from a reliable manufacturer:

  • Has a high-efficiency solar panel (around 15-25% conversion efficiency)
  • An LED board made from for efficient lighting
  • Has a deep cycle battery with either an LiFePO4 lithium battery or Li-ion battery
  • Smart MPPT controller with different lighting modes and dimmable features
  • Ten-year service life, without technical maintenance.

Why Would You Want to Buy Solar Street Lights in India?

Aside from India having a promising marketplace for quality and cheap-priced all-in-one solar street lights next to China, it’s also surprisingly one of the major supporters of this renewable energy technology.

The country also sprawls with tons of all-in-one solar street light manufacturers, but you have to choose only the best as they are most probably offered at reasonable prices compared with other country rates.

We Wrap Up

The comprehensive list above gives you the best options in India. They are all guaranteed to deliver the best products and services for all-in-one street lights.

If you want to know more reliable options, you can always look into the manufacturers in China as the country is one of the leaders in all-in-one solar street light development. You can also find the largest all-in-one solar street light manufacturers and traders in China.

Check out our “How Much Does an All-in-One Solar Street Light Cost” to see our all-in-one solar street light price list comparison for different countries. This can be very helpful in your decision-making on where to buy your all-in-one solar street lights.

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