5 Best Solar Bollard Light Brand To Consider

Trusted brands provide high quality and credible products. Hence, learn more about the brands that deliver the best solar bollard lights.

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Solar bollard lights are excellent for outdoor lighting and terrain design. It is because of their ease of installation and environmentally friendly features. They do not add to your monthly electric bill. In addition to that, people are showing an incredible interest in all kinds of solar products. 

In a perfectly competitive market, there are plenty of brands that deliver various types of solar lights. Finding the right brand will save you from wasting money on an ineffective solar installation. Therefore we have researched and prepared a list of the top 5 brands providing solar bollard lights. You can contact us to check out more details. 

List Of Top 5 Solar Bollard Lights Brands 

A list of the top 5 high-value wholesale bollard light brands: 

  1. Heisolar
  3. First light technologies
  5. Orca Solar Lighting

#1 HeiSolar

HeiSolar logo

Source: HeiSolar

Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: 6th building, Hengguangyao industrial park, Fuyong, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China 

Main Markets: China, Worldwide

Years of Experience: 10+ years 

Certificates: All EU standard certificates, CE, ROHS, FCC, IP65, TUV, SGS, ISO9001 Wind-force, MDSD

HeiSolar is a technological innovation company delivering solar lighting solutions worldwide that can work on solar power easily. This China-based brand is a rising star in the solar street lighting industry. Its headquarters is in Shenzhen, China, and the products have been sold in more than 100 countries and regions.

It offers a wide range of products like all in one solar street lights, all in two solar street lights, solar billboard lighting, solar floodlighting, and solar parking lot lighting. This firm also makes sure to give highly efficient and multi-control mode management. Heisolar provides products keeping in mind energy efficiency and uses the latest innovative technology.

Key Products

  • Solar billboard lighting 
  • Smart integration design
  • MPPT solar controller
  • LiFePO4 battery management


Ligman Logo

Source: Ligman

Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: Ligman Europe s.r.o. 

VGP Park Ústí nad Labem, P2, 40317, Přestanov 120, Přestanov, Czech Republic

Main Markets: European countries 

Years of Experience: 26+ years of experience

Certificates: ISO certifications, German innovation awards, lighting design awards, and many more. 

LIGMAN is a world-class corporation producing high efficiency and top-quality indoor and outdoor lighting. It is recognized not only in local markets but internationally by lighting professionals 

It provides LED light solutions with improved efficacy, which comes with a longer life, and reduced power requirements. It also offers full automatic functions, dimming and motion sensors. These five stages of dimming can be programmed from 0% to 100% brightness. In addition to that, it is possible to adapt the dimming levels. 

Key Products

  • Intelligent Control System
  • Software interface
  • Design aesthetics​

#3 First Light Technologies


First Light Technologies Logo

Source: First Light Technologies

Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: First Light Technologies Ltd.

3303B Tennyson Avenue, Victoria, BC V8Z 3P5 Canada

Main Markets: Canada

Years of Experience: 12+ years of experience

Certificates: LIT design awards, VIATEC awards, and many more.

This bollard lighting manufacturer, which is based in Canada is striving to make solar lighting the first choice for outdoor lighting. It offers cost-effective, easy to install, stylish, robust, and reliable products. It has various segments like WLB solar series, IPL solar series, PLB solar series, PLB-AC series SCL solar series, etc. 

Apart from this, First Light Technologies offers products in various designs like shoebox styled, asymmetrical rectilinear design, contemporary style bollard with downward, full cut-off lighting, etc. If you are looking for a simple, adaptable, outdoor, commercial lighting, then choose this brand as it gives a variety of choices with cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Key Products

  • Solar lights for pathways 
  • Solar bollard lights 
  • Street solar lighting solutions. 




Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: China

Main Markets: China

Years of Experience: 6+ years of experience

Certificates: ISO certification 

ENGREPO aims at providing the best experience to customers by focusing on product innovation and the latest technology. It has lightened up over 5000000 people’s way home by solar-powered wall lights with motion sensors.

As a part of its commitment to a healthy environment, ENGREPO has produced solar lights equivalent to a 10w energy-saving lamp. Besides that, it can save 43.8 kWh per year, which is equal to 17.52 kg of coke coal combustion.

Key Products

  • Solar courtyard lights 
  • Solar floodlights 
  • Solar pathway lights 

#5 Orca Solar Lighting

Orca Solar Lighting Logo

Source: Orca Solar Lighting

Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: Suite 9/39-41 Nerang St, Nerang QLD 4211, Australia

Main Markets: Australia, New Zealand 

Years of Experience: 14+ years of experience

Certificates: ISO certificates

Orca Solar Lighting is a specialist commercial outdoor lighting company that only focuses on solar lighting. Its role also includes assisting lighting professionals and project managers. 

They embrace the best practice for solar design and have high-performing light fixtures. These lights will run on abundant clean and green energy. Numerous power settings allow the solar versions to cope with heavy shade. It allows for uniformity of product throughout the project.

Key Products

  • Avero for pathways, cycleways, jetties, minor roads, and more  
  • Vertex for streets, roads, car parks, and more 
  • Sbl solar bollards for wayfinding, marinas, and more 


After checking out the specifications of different solar bollard light brands, we have incorporated the top companies from all over the world. All five mentioned brands are known for their popularity and for producing the best quality solar lights. However, if you are on a limited budget and want to choose decent quality products, then it is best to go with HeiSolar

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