Top 5 Bollard Light Manufacturers

It is believed that the durable design, quality check, and lifespan of a product are influenced by the brand. Check out the best bollard light manufacturers here.

Solar Street Light

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As of now, the usage of solar bollard lights has increased as they are used almost everywhere, including streets, highways, gardens, backyards, and more. It is because the solar lights are safe, are greener options, and do not operate on electricity, which further reduces electricity expenses.

There are several brands of bollard lights, making it difficult for you to choose. Due to that, we have short-listed the best bollard light brands that are known for producing high-quality, durable, and certified products. You can find out more about the leading bollard light brand. 

List Of The Best Rated Bollard Light Brands   

Here, you can have a quick view of the top 5 wholesale bollard light brands: 

  1. HeiSolar
  2. Tata Power Solar Systems
  3. Dragons Breath Solar LTD
  4. Green Light Solar, LLC
  5. Nizine LLC

#1 HeiSolar   

HeiSolar Logo

Source: HeiSolar

Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: 6th building, Hengguangyao industrial park, Fuyong, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China 

Main Markets: China, Worldwide

Years of Experience: 10+ years 

Certificates: All EU standard certificates, CE, ROHS, FCC, IP65, TUV, SGS, ISO9001 Wind-force, MDSD 

In the off-grid intelligent and solar lighting solutions, HeiSolar has been a high-end brand. It is a technological innovation corporation with its headquarters in China. The brand has shipped more than 20,000 different types of solar lights in over 100 countries and retains 1128% of 5-year revenue growth. 

HeiSolar offers a variety of solar lights, including solar bollard lights, solar parking lot lighting, all-in-one solar street lights, and more. This brand continuously strives to build innovative solar solutions for residential and commercial segments as well. 

The brand has over 300+ loyal clients across the world because of its patent design, DIALux simulation, considerable big project experience, highly professional solutions, and skilled experts. Their bollard light products can work on minimal solar power

Key Products

  • Solar Billboard Lights
  • Adjustable Solar Street Lights
  • All-in-One Solar Street Lights
  • All-in-Two Solar Street Lights
  • Solar Garden Lights 
  • Solar Flood Lights

#2 Tata Power Solar Systems 

Tata Power Solar Systems Logo

Source: Tata Power Solar Systems

Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: The Tata Power Company Limited, Corporate Center B, 34 Sant Tukaram Road, Carnac Bunder, Mumbai – 400 009

Main Markets: India, Global 

Years of Experience: 29+ years of experience

Certificates: Certificate of Appreciation for Good Practices in Safety Systems, Certificate of Performance by PEDA, IMS certificate, and more.

In India, Tata Power Solar is undoubtedly the largest integrated solar firm. This company contributed to various innovative projects which brightened about 37 million lives. The firm has an IMS certificate and IMS policy that ensures the overall quality of the product. 

All solar products are available at a reasonable price and are of premium quality. The company became the winner of the Safety Awards and Greentech Effective Safety Culture Award of 2021. They employ about 700 skilled professionals and workers in order to meet the requirements of their clients. 

Key Products

  • Solar Solutions for Homes 
  • Solar Solutions for Businesses 
  • Solutions for Power Producers 
  • Solar Modules And Cells
  • Solar Microgrids 

#3 Dragons Breath Solar LTD

Dragons Breath Solar LTD Logo

Source: Dragons Breath Solar LTD

Business Type:  Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: Dragons Breath, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, SA73 1LX, United Kingdom 

Main Markets: India 

Years of Experience: 24+ years of experience

Certificates: MCS Certified

Dragons Breath Solar is one of the best bollard lighting manufacturers in the UK. This company has about 25 years of experience in the production of solar lights and delivers in-house products considering the UK weather conditions. 

You can acquire various types of solar products from lights to solar cables, solar panel spare parts to accessories, and many more. The solar lights are of high quality and made from durable substances so that they can last longer. This solar light manufacturing firm can deliver worldwide shipping orders to several countries in a short period. 

Key Products

  • Solar Street Lights 
  • Solar Walkway Lighting  
  • Solar Car Park Lighting Systems 
  • Solar Panel Spare Parts 
  • Solar Accessories

#4 Green Light Solar, LLC

Green Light Solar, LLC

Source: Green Light Solar, LLC

Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: 5750 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Ste 810 Houston, TX, 77032-4087 United States 

Main Markets: United States 

Years of Experience: 7+ years of experience

Certificates: ISO Certifications and high-end warranty. 

As of now, Green Light Solar, LLC is one of the top-notch solar light brands in the United States. This company gives longer period warranties on the solar products as they are prepared from the best materials. They follow strict quality measures to ensure the durability of the product. 

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial solar solutions, this brand has it all. The Green Light Solar firm maintains about 120 professional employees in all its locations and produces almost $13.43 million in sales (USD). 

Key Products

  • Residential Solar Solutions 
  • Commercial Solar Solutions 
  • Solar Kits 
  • Solar Panels 
  • Storage Solutions 

#5 Nizine LLC

Nizine LLC Logo

Source: Nizine LLC

Business Type: Bollard Light Manufacturing 

Headquarters: 1415, Churchill Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Main Markets: United Arab Emirates and West Asian Countries 

Years of Experience: 15+ years of experience

Certificates: ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification 

Lastly, we have Nizine LLC, which is a prominent Solar light manufacturing company in the United Arab Emirates. They have almost 15 years of experience in the design, manufacture, technology, and supply of solar lights

This firm is relatively known for its inclusion of LEDs in all solar products. Solar LED lights can give incredible illumination and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. They are made of decent quality aluminum, are weather-resistant, shock-proof, and easy to use. 

Key Products

  • Solar LED Lights 
  • LED Flood Lights 
  • Work Lights 
  • Wall Lights 
  • Street Lights 


All the bollard light brands we have mentioned in this list are leading companies that generate the best quality products. For more information, you can check out HeiSolar where various models of solar bollard lights are available.

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