8 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers in Europe

An Integrated Solar Street Light is one of the best investments for the future that supports renewable energy initiatives. Initial costs may be high, but it can potentially save you millions in just 5 years. So if we jot down the benefits versus its disadvantages, the list goes on for its advantages: Save you money. Check. Save the environment. Check. More jobs. Check and checkmate.

If you are looking for a reliable solar street light manufacturer to supply your solar lighting needs, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve seeded out the best solar street light manufacturers in Europe for you!

On a serious note. This is a comprehensive list backed with strong data, survey and research. We have listed these companies based on tangible and intangible proof. (Tangible: market demand, annual revenue, etc; Intangible: customer reviews, product quality and reviews, reputation over consumers.)

Here are the top solar street light manufacturers in Europe.

1. Philips (now Signify)

Philips (now Signify) is the best solar powered LED street light manufacturer in Europe. The company has a strong global presence for many years and has served over 70 countries worldwide. Their main headquarters is in the Netherlands.

Philips has established their brand for over 125 years and has been associated with superior LED lighting solutions. Simply put, when you come across a Philips Solar Street Light, it’s undoubtedly top-of-the-line.

Over the years, Philips has continually developed its products, putting R&D efforts upfront. In recent years, the company’s expansion has enabled them to capture a major chunk of the LED lighting market and solar powered LED street light market. In 2018, their annual sales have reached a whopping EUR 6.4 billion.

With that, you can expect greater things from the company, and if you are looking for an established business partner, Philips can be it.

Philips (Signify) top solar lights products:

  • All-in-One LED Solar Street Light
  • All-in-One Solar Street Light

2. Dragons Breath Solar

Dragons Breath is one of the top solar street light manufacturers in the UK, having two decades of experience in the solar lights industry. Reports have shown the company as one of the key players worldwide in terms of brand demand.

This is because the company also carries a huge variety of solar street light products. They also hold a comprehensive range of solar street light lithium batteries. What’s more is that they offer 5-year warranties for all their products. They also provide technical support and installation support for their customers.

Dragons Breath Solar top products:

  • Solar street light lithium battery
  • Solar-powered parking lot lights
  • Solar lighting system

3. Bisol

BISOL Group is a large European manufacturer with a strong global presence as well. They have been in the industry for 15 years and has served 70 countries globally. One of their key advantages is they manufacture their own PV modules that they use for their solar street lights. Hence, this is more advantageous in terms of cost and production capabilities.

Bisol also manufactures other solar lighting solutions such as solar pump systems, mounting poles and many more. Because they design their products, they have the flexibility to optimize green energy solutions and provide more benefits to consumers.

Bisol Group key products:

  • Solar easy mounting pole solutions
  • Solar panels for street lights
  • Integrated solar street lights


Sunna Design is an integrated solar street light manufacturer in France, having 9 years of experience. The company has been heavily engaging in custom solar street light design and manufacturing. This is to help customers find the perfect luminaires for their solar lighting projects across the country. Sunna Design has been an active solar street light supplier in Europe and Africa.

SUNNA DESIGN’s top products:

  • Solar street light iSSL Range
  • Solar street light UP Range
  • Rise On Solar Street Light
  • Totem Solar Street light


Fonroche Lighting is a solar street light manufacturer in France, as well as an active solar street light distributor worldwide. The company’s main market is in Europe and Africa.

Fonroche has 11 years of experience in the solar street light manufacturing industry. The company specializes in designing road lighting and public space lighting projects. One of the key highlights of Fonroche is their “Smartlight Range”. This features French-made luminaires popular worldwide for their high performing illumination and product longevity.

FONROCHE’s top products:

  • Off-grid solar lighting
  • Solar street lights with 365 Technology
  • Smartlight Series

6. Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting is a manufacturer in the UK, having 4 years of experience in the renewable energy sector. The company has been known for manufacturing cutting-edge Wind-Solar hybrid street lighting systems and other LED street lighting solutions. Solar Street Lighting specializes in providing solar and hybrid technologies that helped a lot of areas in the UK achieve zero carbon emissions and cut electricity costs.

Solar Street Lighting top products:

  • All-in-One Solar Street Lights
  • Solar and Wind Hybrid Systems
  • Solar LED Street Lights
  • Solar Road Lights

7. Novea Energies

Novea Energies is a solar street lighting system specialist and manufacturer with over 13 years of experience. Their main headquarters is in France. The company specializes in electronics development, energy management and photometry. This has enabled them to enhance their solar street lighting technologies, as well as their manufacturing methods.

With its partnership with Ragni, a street lighting equipment manufacturer in France, Novea Energies was able to expand their production capabilities. Today, they have a global reach of over 30 countries. Together, Novea and Ragni has 3 factories in France, 4 subsidiaries and 30 distributors worldwide.

Novea Energies top products:

  • Economic range of solar street lights
  • Solar panel street lights

8. VNS Bulgaria


VNS Bulgaria Ltd. has over 11 years of experience in manufacturing solar street lighting systems. The company has a wide portfolio range of solar street lights making them one of the top suppliers around Bulgaria. They are also one of the few companies in Bulgaria that manufactures solar lamps and garden lighting systems.

Outside Bulgaria, the company has engaged in over 1,000 projects worldwide. Their main market is in Western Europe and in the Middle East. The company also offers low-cost solutions and customizable solar lighting features.

VNS Bulgaria notable products:

  • Solar Street Light
  • Solar Park Lights
  • All-in-One Solar Street Lights
  • LED Street Lamps
  • Modern LED Park Light
  • PV Systems

Wrapping Up

In Europe, Germany, France and the UK has the most number of leading solar street light manufacturers by revenue. Nevertheless, there is actually a lack of manufacturers in the continent to supply its solar street lighting demands. This is partly due to the lack of manpower in Europe to comply for the large manufacturing demands.

To add to that, Europe is currently the third largest market for solar street lights next to Asia-Pacific and North America. With a high demand that’s not met accordingly, importing solar street lights from other countries is a viable solution.

Since China is the largest importer of goods in Europe, and the fastest alternative (through the freight railway connecting China to London), you can import solar street lights from China if you’re from Europe. If you want to find a trustworthy manufacturer based in China, we’ve covered the best solar street light manufacturers in China in another article. The article presents the top China solar street light manufacturers according to their annual revenue, a comprehensive analysis of product quality and reviews from other customers like you. So read this if you want to know more.

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  1. Twesigye patrick

    Am passionate in solar energy and business ,runing solar company in uganda,looking for a partner to work with as his main distributor in uganda

  2. Dear sir,
    Kindly quote your best price and availability of below mentioned items,
    Supply of street Solar lamps

    – Preferred / Acceptable brands are GE, Osram, Phillips, Eleti – Germany, Sun power-USA Agamine etc. Any European brand available in UAE is acceptable.
    – Brands from China, India, Korea are not acceptable .
    – Minimum warranty required is 3 years for all products. Preferred to have 5-10 years for all parts
    – Quantity : 48 Nos.
    – DETAILS:Requirement
    – Lumen required is 6000-8000lm
    – Light beam angle preferred 80-130 degree
    – Battery should be minimum of 50 AH
    – Lamp power minimum of 40W or above
    – Charging time preferred is 4-9 hours
    – All parts should be Compactable for UAE weather ( 60 degree or above & waterproof )
    – Lifespan preferred is minimum of 35,000 hours

  3. Please do you have a factory of manufacturing street light in Ghana. If No I want to lead partner you to come to Ghana, to help our country.
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