Using outdoor solar wall lighting in South Africa would help lots of people gain access to adequate lighting. Learn about the best solar wall light brands in South Africa in this article.

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Solar lighting products are the future of lighting, especially with the depleting nonrenewable resources of energy. After all, lighting is an essential part of our sight that keeps almost everyone capable of moving around the world. Looking for a solar wall light wholesale supplier is one thing that most would consider if they have a vast space to illuminate.

Of course, you want to find a brand that can provide you with high-quality items — those that can endure long years and unfavorable conditions. Have a look at our list of the best solar wall light manufacturers in South Africa by continuing to read. 

Finding a reliable supplier

First things first, you should look for specific characteristics of a reliable brand before sealing the deal with a supplier you found from nowhere. Generally, you would want to know their location, market, performance, and similar considerations. Keep these things in your mind to know if you can really get to work with your ideal solar wall light brand.

List of the Top 5 Solar Wall Light Brands in South Africa

Speaking of the best solar wall light brands in South Africa, we have compiled the five companies that remain at the top of the solar lighting market in the said country below using the criteria we have mentioned earlier. 

  1. Signify South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  2. SoLight
  3. Eurolux
  4. LEDTronix
  5. Future Light

Top 5 Solar Wall Light Brands in South Africa

Here are the top five brands of solar wall lighting products to consider when buying lights in South Africa.

1. Signify South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Signify South Africa (Pty) Ltd logo

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Business Type: Manufacturing and distribution

Headquarters: Woodmead North Office Park Block B, 54 Maxwell Drive, Woodmead 2191

Main Markets: Global

Years of Experience: 130 years

Certificates: ISO 17025 

Signify, formerly known as Philips, is a leading company in the global market of solar and LED lighting products. With over a century of being in the industry, this company has penetrated most markets including South Africa. Signify South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a South Africa-based affiliate of the Signify group and maintains the same working quality and principle as the main company.

Key Products

  • Solar wall lights
  • LED light bulbs
  • Solar lighting products
  • All-in-one LED solar street light
  • All-in-one solar street light
  • Conventional lights of different specifications

2. SoLight

SoLight logo

Image Source: SoLight

Business Type: Manufacturer, supplier

Headquarters: 11 Constantiaberg Business Park, Diep River, Cape Town, 7800, South Africa

Main Markets: South Africa

If you want to partner with a South Africa-based company, SoLight is one of your best choices. This company is one of the leading manufacturers of solar lighting products in the country. The primary goal of SoLight is to deliver alternative solutions for lighting in South Africa, whose energy supply is unstable and dwindling. Currently, SoLight boasts a diverse product range of solar lighting.

Key Products

  • Solar wall lights
  • Solar barn lights
  • Solar garden lights
  • Solar landscape lights
  • Solar street lights

3. Eurolux

Eurolux logo

Image Source: Lighthaus

Business Type: Importer, distributor

Headquarters: 9 Racecourse Road Milnerton, 7441, PO Box 1285 Milnerton, 7435, South Africa

Main Markets: South Africa, Middle Eastern countries

Years of Experience: 21 years

Eurolux can be considered one of the solar wall light importers and distributors who remain at the forefront of the South African market. With over two decades of experience, Eurolux has the acumen to spot and deliver the most advanced lighting technologies to the country, and these technologies include solar lighting.  

Key Products

  • Solar wall lights
  • LED lights include mosquito-repellent LED lights
  • Light fittings
  • Green light bulbs
  • Electrical accessories and items

4. LEDTronix

LEDTronix logo

Image Source: LEDTronix

Business Type: Manufacturer, distributor

Headquarters: 86 President Mbeki Dr, Cbd, Rustenburg, 0299, South Africa

Main Markets: South Africa

Compared to the previous companies, LEDTronix focuses on the distribution of LED lights, decorative lights, and solar lighting products of various specifications. This company also manufactures its products, which are displayed on its official website as an eCommerce business. 

Key Products

  • Lighting products include light bulbs, downlights, fittings, fluorescent lights, street lights, and many more kinds
  • Solar floodlights
  • Solar street lights
  • Solar wall lights

5. Future Light

Future Light logo

Image Source: Enviropedia

Business Type: Manufacturer, supplier, distributor

Headquarters: Unit 33 Viking Business Place, 29 Thor Circle, Thornton, 7460

Main Markets: South Africa

Years of Experience: 12 years

Similar to LEDTronix, Future Light is a top manufacturer and distributor of solar wall lights and other products in South Africa. For instance, this company distributes products of various brands like Eurolux, but Future Light also manufactures their own. With over a decade of experience in lighting, this company is definitely worth your time. 

Key Products

  • Outdoor lights
  • Solar wall lights
  • Solar lighting products for commercial and residential purposes
  • Camping lights

Contact a solar wall light supplier from China

Are you searching for a reliable solar wall light supplier from China? Consider getting in touch with HeiSolar, one of the best suppliers in the industry of solar lighting products from the country. 


HeiSolar logo

Image Source: HeiSolar

Business Type: Marketing, OEM, ODM, SKD, manufacturing, and distribution

Headquarters: Hengguangyao Industrial Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

Main Markets: China, Global

Years of Experience: 10+ years

Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC, IP65, TUV, SGS, ISO 9001, Wind-force MDSD

HeiSolar is one of the most reputable solar lighting product manufacturers in China. Although not a South Africa-based solar wall light brand, this company has delivered its products to the said country and has similarly penetrated the global solar lighting market within a decade or more years of experience. All their products are compliant with various international quality standards.

Key Products

  • Solar garden lights
  • Solar post-top lights
  • Solar wall lights
  • Solar billboard lights
  • Solar floodlights
  • Solar street lights

Final thoughts

You have learned about the top five solar wall light brands in South Africa. If you are interested in connecting with a solar wall light manufacturer from China, HeiSolar would be one of your best options. Contact us and talk with our team of experts today! 

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